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Mmx is a company made for people, who are keen on motorcycle sports. Thanks to our experience and commitment we can improve your ride control. We specialize in suspension tuning and preparing a vehicle to your sports discipline.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The Oil should be changed (in front & back suspension) every 20 mth. However, if suspension is used in a big mud or any other weather conditions, which contain a lot of water, oil should be changed right after this ride (competition, training)

It depends on rider’s weight, his way of riding, brand and model of a motorcycle. What’s important is a fact, that in many cases it is possible to fit a suspension without changing springs.

The most important thing is a regular service, which will check suspension’s condition. Every rider should remember about cleaning front suspension right after a ride (especially in difficult weather conditions). Then you don’t do this, the mud will dry up and destroy the suspension.